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6 really cool things about going Over the Edge


If you’re still on the fence about going Over the Edge, here are a few fun tidbits you might not know about the experience!

You get to pick your own music!

What music pumps you up? When you go Over the Edge, we’ll have the song of your choice going for your theme as you descend! You can go with something epic like “Roar,” or maybe you want the “Baby Shark” theme (this is a judgment-free zone). We have DJs there waiting for your turn that will blast whatever you want as you come down!

You can dress up!

You can show up in your Over the Edge T-shirt and a pair of pants if you want, but lots of people who go over really want to go all-out and make it an event. We’ve had hippies, superheroes, sports superfans and more! Your only limits are your imagination and a few requirements that the Over the Edge crew have for safety gear accommodations. You can read about those on our FAQ page.

We set up your fundraising for you!

Once you’re signed up and have pledged to raise money for the kids, all you have to do is the leg work! We give you your own fundraising page, and you just give the address to others to make their donation payments. You pledge to raise $1,500, and that may sound daunting, but it’s really not difficult. We have an example on our FAQ page of how you can raise the funds!

You get a free T-shirt!

That’s right, when you sign up, a T-shirt is included! Wear it with pride!

You can go with a friend (or lots of friends)!

You’re the only one on your rope when you go Over the Edge, but we have three ropes going at once, so you’re really not alone! We also encourage people to sign up as teams and raise funds together. We have several teams every year and always welcome more!

There’s more to do than rappelling!

Yes, Over the Edge is about rappelling, but we have a lot more there! We have the music. We have food trucks. We have face painting. We have games. So much for the family to do! And once you’re done with your rappel, pull up a chair to watch and cheer on some of your fellow Edgers!

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