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It’s just March, but we already have more than 20 people signed up for Over the Edge! September will be here before you know it!

We’re also getting ready to honor some of last year’s Edgers at our 2nd Annual Edgys! We have several awards we will announce after the event on April 4, and we want you to help us out with a big one: The People’s Choice Edgy!

This year’s nominees are Mojo, Amanda Pope, Brandon Bishop and Lindsey Barron. All four of them went above and beyond to help Kids to Love in our mission to help children in foster care.

Did we mention you can SIGN UP NOW for Over the Edge? 

Brandon does whatever he can to support foster families and is president of the Madison County Foster and Adoptive Parent Association. He really commits to Over the Edge. Every year, he goes over dressed up as the Grinch. This past year, he had on a cheerleader outfit over his Grinch costume. Remember, this happens outside. In Alabama. In September. That’s real commitment.

Lindsey is the mom in the Barron Bunch, which includes children she and her husband have adopted. She’s another huge supporter of foster families. Lindsey also is the owner of Rocket City Mom, and she throws her full support behind Over the Edge every year. In addition to having a full team of RCM Edgers, last year they ran the activities in our Kids Zone!

Mojo was a first-time Edger last year and overcame his fear of heights to help kids in care, but he did so much more for us. His annual Bikes or Bust campaign brought in more than 850 bicycles, meaning every child in our Christmas for the Kids program got the bicycle they asked for!

Amanda loves getting her coworkers from Invariant Corporation involved with Kids to Love and Over the Edge. They always dress up as The Things from Dr. Seuss (they had FOUR this past year). This year, they built up hype by filming their own Over the Edge video at the Kids to Love Center! They also support us at Christmas every year.

Vote in the poll below by March 22, and we’ll announce the winner at the Edgys on April 4!

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