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Kids to Love honors college scholarship recipients


Last Thursday we got a chance to honor some very special students.

That was the day we had our Annual Scholarship Awards Luncheon. We gave out 30 scholarships this year!

We recognized the students that could attend on Thursday (some were already busy getting ready for school and couldn’t make it). It was a great group of aspiring veterinarians, business owners, social workers and more.

Navigating the education system can be difficult for children in foster care — the statistics are stacked against them. Statistics show they have high school dropout rates three times that of other low-income children. Less than half of youth raised in foster care finish high school, and less than 10 percent of those go to college. Of those who go to college, less than 2 percent graduate. The number one reason children come into foster care is poverty, and the best way to break the cycle of poverty is through education. That’s why our scholarship program is so important.

Our scholars in attendance at the luncheon got to hear the story of Brooklyn Williams. Brooklyn was our very first scholarship recipient to graduate from college. Today she’s married with two children, works as a school nurse and owns a business with her husband.

“Kids to Love played a huge role in providing scholarships, holding me accountable, providing volunteer hours, stayed in touch, checked on me often — to this day, they still check on me.” Brooklyn said. “Most importantly, they took me under their wing, loved me and encouraged me, and helped provide me a solid foundation for me to have the confidence and strength to walk through those college doors.”

And Brooklyn’s right. Kids to Love is always there for the children that need our help. Lee made sure in her closing remarks at the luncheon that this year’s class of scholarship recipients knew that we’re there for them.

“We are just humbled that we get to be a part of your success story,” Lee told them “This should never be viewed as a handout, but only as a hand up. And many will attest that when you get into our fold, you don’t leave when you walk out the door. We want to be with you and create that net of success so you can be everything you want to be. It’s not about what we write for your life; it’s about what you achieve, and we want to help fund that success story and be a support system in that.”

We’re so thankful that we were able to provide Brooklyn and hundreds of other children in foster care with a chance at breaking the cycle. Congratulations to this year’s scholars — we can’t wait to see where you journeys take you!


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