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Meet the 85-year-old woman going Over the Edge for children in foster care!


At 85 years young, Jannette Morrow is proving that age is just a number.  

With a zest for life and a heart full of compassion, she’s embarking on an extraordinary adventure – rappelling for a cause.  

Morrow is going Over the Edge to help raise money for children living in foster care. She’s going with her daughter, Jackie Eldridge, and her grandson, Jason Eldridge — three generations, descending the Regions Center in downtown Huntsville at the same time!

Morrow, who lives in Cullman County, got the idea that she wanted to rappel the 160-foot building after seeing her daughter’s post pictures on Facebook of her going Over the Edge last year. 

“I can do that,” was her first reaction. And she wasn’t kidding. 

Morrow doesn’t like to sit still; she loves gardening and cutting her grass, and her family says she’s always the first call people make when someone needs help of any kind. 

She had been dealing with a bad knee and decided to wait to commit to the annual event until her doctor could give her the all-clear. As soon as he signed off on it, she was ready to go. 

“I love kids, and if this will help even one child, it’s worth every moment,” Morrow said. 

This isn’t her first thrill-seeking activity. In July, she went parasailing with family in Orange Beach. She’s not worried about the descent down the side of the Regions Center either, and she thinks it’s something anyone can do. 

“I think if they do it just once, they won’t be afraid anymore,” she said. “It’s about opening your eyes and conquering that fear.” 

To be clear, she’s talking about other people. 

“I’m not scared,” she said. “I’m looking forward to it.” 

So what’s next after rappelling? Morrow says her doctor told her she should jump out of a plane — and she’s seriously considering it. 

“I told Jackie, if he comes and watches me, I’m going to tell him I’ll jump out of a plane if he’ll make the reservations and everything for me,” Morrow said. “Jackie said ‘well that’s on my bucket list, so I’ll jump with you.  

“So, it’s a family affair,” she laughed. 

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