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Equine Therapy

Kids to Love delivers Equine Therapy at The Damson Family Barn, located at Davidson Farms. Our horses are uniquely qualified and trained to be therapy horses.

These calm creatures will be part of our trauma therapy sessions, along with a Masters Licensed Social Worker and Equine Therapist, and a credentialed equine specialist. This therapy is available for ALL the children we serve in foster care and is a therapeutic service used in partnership with Kids to Love’s other therapy services, both traditional and trauma focused.

With an Equine Therapist and Specialist present, foster children engage in activities such as grooming, feeding, and leading a horse. The goal is to connect with the horse on a deep level, and to build trust with the horse and the therapist.

We can heal children as they learn to build trust and their self-esteem, reduce their anxiety and depression, improve social skills and impulse control while also being in the presence of an animal that is patient, forgiving and willing to give as much as they are given. It is truly a beautiful thing.

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