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When we get to see the lives we touch, it’s a special moment


Emergency Assistance sounds sterile. Our brain understands what it means, but sometimes the story that tugs your heart gets lost in statistics of foster care. This, is a story.

Monday afternoon I received an email from a foster mom.  She had a 9yr old boy that came into care Friday evening with the clothing he was wearing, carrying with him underwear and a shirt. Can you imagine?  That email broke my heart.  I called her and asked my normal questions:  Shoe size?  Clothing size?  Does he have anything he really likes?  A favorite color?  What about sports or games?  She answered all my questions and added that he had never played with Lego until Friday night.  She said they built all weekend, and he LOVED it.    I knew exactly what I was going to do.  I was going to build this list around Lego of all kinds! 

We hung up and I got to work.  Going down the aisles picking Lego Tectonics, Lego figurines, Minecraft Lego, a remote-control car, a stuffed sloth, Connect 4, a football, a Stretch Armstrong, fidget toys and to round it out – Hot Wheels.  Upstairs I gathered the clothing items he needed: Two pairs of pajamas, outfits for summer, socks, tennis shoes, and underwear.  We included toothbrushes, a Spongebob bath set, a soft blanket and, to carry it all, a duffle bag. 

Tuesday afternoon I happened to be at the front when she came by to pick up his items.  I looked down and behind her was a small, brown-eyed little boy.  She said “Oh! Look at all of this!”  I explained what was in the bag and he looked up at me, with a huge smile and said, “For me??” as he hugged his duffle bag.  I responded, “Of course, and this too.”   His larger toys that wouldn’t fit into the duffle were placed in a gift bag.  He looked down in the bag, turned around and wrapped his tiny arms round my waist.  My eyes filled with tears as I squeezed him tight.  “Thank you” he said. He was excited, and I was humbled. 

I rarely see the children I shop for.  To me, that’s the beauty of how we serve.  I don’t know these children and I don’t need to for me to show them love.  When I am choosing toys and clothes, I think about how they must be feeling.  Some may feel scared, many too young to understand what is happening, but every shop is intentional for those favorite things.  Normalcy during times of transition for these children is so important.  When they get home to go through their new things, I hope they know they are loved and cared for by people they will never see.   

This year we have provided emergency assistance for 67 children.  That is 67 children that came into care with nothing of their own for comfort.  When we receive the call from the foster parent, we ask what that child’s needs are and if there is anything he or she likes.  Each child is shopped for based on that information. 

Kids to Love … standing in the gap for our kids!

Tasha, Kids to Love’s Director of Operations

If you would like to donate toward our Emergency Assistance program that provides toys and clothing for children coming into foster care, click here.

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